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Every year I say “I’ll do less next year“.  “I need the downtime“, I say. “I can’t keep on living like this” (or, others say to me “You can’t keep on living like this”) Every damn year.

And then every year stuff starts happening from October where I go “Oooh, I’ll book that“.  And suddenly I discover/realise that I’ve already got at least one thing booked in per month through to this time next year.

Plays, shows, activities, exhibitions, travel. It’s all in there already.

There really is just no hope for me.

3 Comments on “Already Booking”

  1. FOMO eh?

    Tried booking a weekend of NOTHING? If something comes up, tough, you’ll miss out?

  2. Lyle says:

    No, not FOMO at all – it’s things I actively want to see/do, and/or doing things with friends. But no fear involved – it’s more enjoyment, that I *can* go and do those things, both in that I can afford them without worrying, and in that I can go “I want to do that” and not have to worry about negotiating with a partner about ‘well I want to see that’, “well I don’t” etc. and all the juggling and balancing that’s been needed in the past.

    As for weekends booked for doing nothing – as I’ve said before, if I do have a weekend of doing nothing, I feel it’s been a waste. I work plenty hard for my time off/away, and to spend it doing nothing, is – and I emphasise, *to me* – a waste, and when I’ve done them, I get to the end of it and feel bad because I’ve done nothing.

    On the flip side – just because I’m saying I’ve got stuff booked for at least one weekend per month, that doesn’t mean I’m already rigidly booked out. There’s still plenty of space. And so long as I’ve done *something*, I’m OK – so a day out at the cinema doing sod-all except catch up on films is OK, because I’ve been out, done what I wanted to, and all is good with the world.

  3. Sounds good, you know me, just like to check!

    YOLO and all that! Live your best life!

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