Lockdown – Error #2

Other than haircuts based on a misunderstanding, currently the worst thing that’s going on is that my boiler has broken. As in spectacularly, expensively broken – to the point where it’ll be better to replace it with a new boiler, rather than the costs of sourcing and installing the bits that’ve died.

Thankfully, in all the relevant ways, it’s not really my problem. My landlord was informed that it’s broken, an engineer came round the next day, and gave the verdict that it’s buggered. The landlord’s agreed to replace the boiler, and hopefully it’ll happen in the coming week.

Fortunately it’s not too cold at the moment, so I’m not too affected. The worst bit of it for now is that there’s also no hot water, which makes washing up a pain.  But to be honest, if that’s as bad as it gets, things could be a lot worse.

2 Comments on “Lockdown – Error #2”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    So many people known to me have had boiler breakdowns!

    Strange that plumbers will attend to replace boilers but won’t attend for other things. I guess there’s more money in boiler replacements…

    Even stranger that one person I know was told that her 4 year old boiler would have to be replaced because the part needed wouldn’t be available for months due to lockdown in China. One born every minute…

    Hope you have an electric shower?

  2. Lyle says:

    Yep, I do have an electric shower.

    The boiler in my place was installed in ’95, so a quarter-century isn’t bad for a combi thing. The maker went bust a considerable time ago, and my landlord had issues with getting spares for another of the same make a few years back, so knew that once this one died, it wouldn’t be worth trying to get replacements. As he said to me, after that long, it doesn’t owe him anything.

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