Somehow, I’ve managed to make it to 49.


In my head, I’m still mid-twenties at best. (Until I go out with a group of mid-twenties people, at which point no, fucking hell, I’m not) But no, forty-bloody-nine is where I’m at.

Usually over the last few years I’ve done a list of what I’m planning to do in the next year, and what I’ve achieved in the past one. I’m not doing that this year on either side – 2020’s been such a horrendous clusterchuff in so many ways, and there’s not really any positive end in sight, so I’m looking more at spending the coming year figuring out some of that stuff.

Of course, 2021 could be (hell, is likely to be) even more of a grimdark shitscape than 2020, what with Brexit, Covid, America, and whatever else is hovering on the horizon, waiting to dump it’s crap over all of us.

And on that happy note, let’s get on with it.

2 Comments on “Birfday”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    Happy Birthday, belatedly. Did you manage to do something you chose to, not had to?

    I’m glad you’ve given up the annual lists. Well, at least for this year…

    Short-term lists (day to day or week to week) are good (especially as one’s memory fails as one gets older), but I am convinced that having huge targets hanging over you is unhealthy, pressurising, and demotivating. Do what you want not what you feel you should!

    Are you going to have a year of angst as you approach your 6th decade, or are you going to accept that it is just a number (which it is)?

    Right, that’s my daily sermon delivered 😉
    “Don’t worry, be happy!”

  2. Lyle says:

    All told, I had a quiet one – I’d been lucky, and got the main fun things (food, of course) done before the Lockdown got announced, so it all worked ok.

    The lists weren’t a weight as such, nor were they ridiculously overbearing, I just didn’t find them to be effective. Good intentions for sure, and I got decent amounts of them done, but no, not enough to mark them as successful.

    And no, I don’t think there’ll be any angst this time about a year with a zero at the end of it. I’ve had weirdnesses before – mainly on prolonging relationships longer than I should’ve in order to not be single as I went into that year with a zero. But there’s none of that this year, so I’m generally thinking it’ll be OK and I’ll be unbothered.

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