This time last year, I didn’t really have any ‘slobbing out’ stuff at all. The closet closest I really came were some tracksuit bottoms that I used for workouts and the like, but there wasn’t really much else.

Since then, with the Lockdowns and so on, I’ve expanded my collection a bit – after all, there’s not really any point getting “properly” dressed on the days you’re not even venturing out.  So over the summer I had/have some thinner cotton trousers which are really comfortable, and for colder times, I’ve got some warmer ones that aren’t quite tracksuit bottoms, but also aren’t really fit for anything other than staying indoors.

My real concession though, and I’m not at all proud of them, are some slippers. I’d found that my feet were getting achingly cold, so it made sense to get *something*, and these horrors came up at just the right time.  They’re unbelievably ugly, and I’d happily burn them if I ever got a partner, but for now they’re warm and comfortable, and that’ll do me.

But I can be sure that, no matter how warm and comfortable they are, they won’t be seen outside the house…

4 Comments on “Slouchy”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    Great typo in the first line 🙂

    Slippers are sensible. You’ll know if/when you find the right partner as they’ll have some too. In fact, they’ll probably be knitting them for you both… 😉

  2. Lyle says:

    Bugger. Corrected and ackowledged. 🙂

  3. Z says:

    I bought slippers too. But also a very nice pair of boots that I wear when I’m out. My standards aren’t that high any more, but I still have some.

  4. Lyle says:

    Oh, I’ve plenty of decent boots, they’re not the issue. I just didn’t like wearing them all day in the house (and the ‘shitty slacker clothing with heavy boots’ look is way too scabby for me) so I had to find a middle-ground between barefoot and booted. 🙂

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