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Sorting Sleeptime

For a long time I suffered from epically bad insomnia – it seems to have sorted itself out a bit at the moment, bizarrely, although I still tend to suffer from very disturbed sleep – but 43 Folders has a list of things that may help to break insomnia.

Some of them I don’t agree with, but in general it makes a lot of sense. However, for me, I’d say that the one I disagree with most is

Get in the habit of going to bed when you are sleepy and sleeping where you sleep best

I think that what caused my insomnia (or at least contributed to it) was getting in to the habit of only going to sleep when I felt tired, or only sleeping in places I wanted to sleep, and that screwed me something rotten.

Ah well. It’s still an interesting set of ideas…

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One thought on “Sorting Sleeptime

  1. lol if that was the case some people would be falling asleep at their desks.

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