Fitness Thoughts

As things stand, at the moment I’m not fit. I’d like to be fitter, although it’s never been within my goals to be a marathon runner, or anything even similar.

I’m not going to base my weight around some specious target figure from Weightwatchers, or even from BMI charts – when all’s said and done, I’m still 6’3 or so, and have a 50″ chest, with shoulders like a brick shithouse, so I’m simply never going to be 13 stone (83kg, give or take) without multiple amputations. Mind you, without weighing myself, I currently suspect I’m about 22 stone (140kg) which certainly gives me a fair amount of lee-way on what I can lose.

Initially, I’m going to be just using the gym, in order to take off some of the weight before I do anything else. But once that’s done, I hope to be getting back on my bike, and making some use of that too. Mind you, that might not be ’til the new year, or even spring, considering how manky the weather has been of late.

There’s a long way to go yet, but at least I’m getting started on it.

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  1. Gordon says:

    Even if you don’t publish them, I would suggest you have SOME sort of goal in mind. Without that it’s easy to relax back to “meh, that’ll do..” attitude.

    My jogging was focussed on getting to run a 10K, which took me a year to get too, oddly once I’d run it I lost a little of my enthusiasm.

    Just a suggestion mate, either way, best of luck!

  2. farmer dave says:

    when i 1st started at the gym i was out of shape bit time couldnt even do a quick 10 minuet walk beore wanting t pass out, but i went in twice a week at 1st and got myself used to exercizing again, and then made weekly targets

    you will get fit but just dont expect it to happen in 10 minuets which i did but now iam happy with the progress ive made

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