Selfish Bastards

At the moment, Westminster School is high up on my Most Loathed list. I’m sure they neither know nor care about this, but they’re still on the list.

Currently, I’m back working in London – same place as before, different client, different contract, same agency – and the nearest bit of green space is the one visible in the map below.

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Indeed, it’s the only big bit of green space around here, within a decent walking distance. It’s mainly a cricket pitch, but with benches round the outside, what appears to be a play area, and – well – it looks like a nice spot to sit and have your lunch.

Except you can’t, because it’s owned by Westminster School, who keep it all locked and secure, so it can’t be used at any time. Fair enough, it’s a playing field, so I can understand the “No Dogs” – but really? A big (for London) bit of green space that’s totally unusable except to a bunch of privileged school kids.


2 Comments on “Selfish Bastards”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    That’s fairly standard for schools of any type (state of independent), no matter where they are geographically. I even know of primary schools that used to have public footpaths through the grounds who have succeeded in getting diversions agreed so they do not cross their land.

    Can you imagine, Joe Paedo loving ‘eating his lunch’ while watching the games lessons? (or adoring mumsies watching their progeny playing rugger)

  2. lyle says:

    I suppose. Except that I’d have no problem with the place being closed *while in use*. Personally I think the entire Joe Paedo thing is well overblown, but that’s a different topic/post, but all the same, if it’s in use, fine, close the gates.

    However, in the two+ months I’ve been here now, I’ve seen it in use once – for a cricket match. It’s not (so far as I can see) used for “games lessons” per se, but is just the cricket pitch and green space which could be used in a much less elitist way.

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