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On March 1st, Google’s privacy policy is changing.

If you don’t want your web history (among other things) stored past that date, you need to delete it in the next week. If you leave it ’til 1st March, it will be too late – you need to have done it by the end of 29th Feb.

The EFF has a useful page here about how to delete your Google web history.

3 Comments on “Google Web History”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    If I don’t have a Google account, and don’t have any Google products, except the toolbar, on which I have turned off the report search to HQ function (or whatever it’s called), and I clear my caches regularly, am I safe? It seems that you can only clear web history if you have a Google account to log into? But, presumably, if I don’t have any of their products they can only track me by ISP/IP? And whatever they collect could be from anyone who’d ever used my PCs?

  2. Z says:

    Thanks for that, Lyle.

  3. lyle says:

    Yep, all correct, BW.

    Worth nothing too that if you don’t have the account etc. they still save searches etc. for 18 months, but “suitably anonymised”, whatever that means. But I’m assuming yes, based by IP/ISP rather than attached to a personally identifying account.

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