Up For Sale

Having just done a random search, I’ve found out that the house in Norfolk I had with Herself is back up for sale.

It’s kind of weird, seeing the changes that have been put in by the new owners – some make sense, and are things we’d talked about doing. However, others are – somewhat mental.

As a prime example of the latter, the new owners have brutally trimmed the cherry tree in the front garden, and completely removed the huge weeping willow that was in the back garden. (and was one of the factors that made me like the place)  I can see why they would have got rid of it – it was a pain in the tits to mow around, and dropped crap on the grass all year round – but it was such a fantastic tree, I’m actually kind of sad to know that it’s gone.

Interestingly, despite the work the new owners have obviously done, the price isn’t actually any different than we paid for it six years ago.

Progress, eh?

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