Pooh and Pooch

Yesterday was a warm and rather relaxed and pleasant day. All very surprising.

One of my friends is involved in the organisation of the World Pooh Sticks Championships, which was held yesterday at a new venue for the first time in thirty-odd years.


She’s also recently bought a new dog, a Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles mixed with Bichon Frise) who’d had her final jabs and was finally allowed out in the world. So it seemed like a great idea for getting her to meet lots of people and dogs, and see how she did.  And that was my work for the day, which was obviously a real hardship.

And it was a good day all round.  The competition was a success in its new venue – with loads of people visiting and watching – and Pooch was excellent. She’s had a really positive first Big Day Out, and was knackered by the end of it.

Now that is what weekends are for…

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