Footwear Fails

For the last twenty-odd years now, I’ve been a pretty loyal wearer of Cat Boots. I’ve always found them to be comfortable – although the quality has gone down significantly over the years, but the price has always remained the same, so I understand why/how that’s happened – and to have a decent build quality that generally lasts me well in comparison to other boots.

However, back in March I bought two pairs from the online shop for Cat boots. All went well – and thankfully I paid by credit card – and I started wearing one of the pairs. All well and good.

However, last week, I started getting blisters on one foot while wearing the boots.  That’s less than three month’s wear, and that’s totally not acceptable. I know I can be tough on boots – I walk a lot, as has been mentioned before – but they haven’t even been worn every day of that time.  So I’m working on the fact that they’re not fit for sale.

I’ve been back in touch with Cat Boots, and returning the boots to Cat this week. We’ll see what they have to say about them.

Mind you, if Cat don’t come back to me satisfactorily, I’ve also still got Section 75 to fall back on – and I’ve already checked with the card company, and got all the documentation and photos I need – so I can go that route instead. Either way, it’ll work out fine from my perspective. Probably less so from Cat’s perspective, but well, we’ll see.

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