My feet have a long history of being pretty unpleasant – and last year’s stuff didn’t help.  However, let’s be honest, most people’s feet are pretty skanky in some way or other – it really is just degrees of mankiness, rather than it being something noteworthy. (Safe to say, I will never understand people who have a foot fetish, and particularly one for toes. *shudder*)

Anyway, in this particular case, it’s toenails that are the issue. The ones on my little toes have always been weird and tiny (which is a genetic hand-me-down from my mum, hers are exactly the same) but quite loose in some ways too, so I’ve pulled them out on a few occasions. (I can imagine some people wincing already. It’s only going to get worse, I warn you now) I’m used to that happening, and it doesn’t freak me out any more. (I assume it did on the first couple of times it happened, but I don’t recall them)

Last night, though, I noticed that a big patch of nail on one of my big toes had gone all pale and loose and weird, not in a way I’d seen before.  So, me being me, I had a bit of an investigate, and it turned out that the whole big patch was loose, and just waiting to come off. A bit of a pull, and there it went, a good half of the nail, all at once.

Fortunately, it appears to have been replaced with new nail underneath – it’s not hurting, there’s no soreness or anything. It’s just… kinda gross.

So I thought I’d share. (But don’t worry, you’re not getting pictures) You’re welcome. 🙂

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