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Autumn Clearout

Every so often I get to a point where I just mentally say “Right, time to get rid of some stuff“. Last week I hit that point, so over the weekend I got rid of some stuff.

During the week I’d bagged up some clothes and other fabric bits (an old duvet cover, sheets I didn’t use any more etc.) to take to the recycling centre, and on Saturday I also chopped and bagged up all the stuff in the yard that hasn’t grown this year.

That’s been a bit ruthless – the weather this year has really not been conducive to new stuff growing, and there were a number of plants that just didn’t make it.  It’s been annoying (and kind of expensive) but there we go, sometimes that crap happens.

All told, it meant I had a car-load of stuff to take to the recycling centre (or “tip”, if you prefer) as well as hoying another load of stuff into the usual bins, clearing out old papers and magazines etc.

None of it was hugely challenging, but the house and yard – and brain – feel significantly clearer as a result of my work.

There’s probably still another load of stuff I could get rid of, but it’s not as clearly visible, and will survive until I get to another “Right!” moment. But for now I’m happy with the extra space and having a little bit less crap in my life and in my house.

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2 thoughts on “Autumn Clearout

  1. I’m in the midst of doing similar, going back through clothes, a duvet to ditch etc. Good for the mind and soul for sure!

  2. Yeah, absolutely.

    I’ve still got some similar stuff to get shot of – the primary goal was clearing out the yard this time – which’ll happen in the next month or so, depending on when I have free time.

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