Brian Blessed, Cambridge Corn Exchange

On Monday night, I trolled over to Cambridge to see Brian Blessed on stage doing his “An Evening With” tour. Safe to say, it was a fun night.

I’ve been a fan of Blessed since his turn on Flash Gordon – which is now a very long time ago – which also gave him his most recognised phrase (and with which he opened the show) of “Gordon is Alive!

The entire show was kind of ramshackle and rambling, certainly nothing like the far slicker comedians and musicians that the audience was obviously more used to. I saw a few people with expressions of “What the fuck?!?” as it went on, because the were very few coherent stories, it appeared to be all more of a shotgun approach, as and when he remembered stuff.  (Without seeing the show again I have no way of knowing whether it’s intentionally shambolic, or that it’s just the way Blessed is)

For me though, I’d pretty much expected that, and it didn’t disappoint or disconcert me at all.

I thought the entire thing was a lot of fun (and also very loud, and sometimes sweary – also things I’m OK with) and would happily go and see it/him again.

I think the final note to leave on, though, is this notice on the doors.

3 Comments on “Brian Blessed, Cambridge Corn Exchange”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    BB often seems to be drunk when you hear him on panel shows etc – but he is supposedly teetotal.

    At over 80 he is pretty amazing though.

  2. Margo says:

    I’m due to see him in October. Saw him at the literature festival here a couple of years ago and he was great started with the ‘O for a muse of fire’ speech from Henry V as he came in, then wonderfully conversational, although I did feel a little sorry for the volunteer who had the job of trying to attract his attention to let him know he needed to finish…

  3. Lyle says:

    I felt more sorry for the people turning up late.

    I mean, having tickets in the front row for Brian Blessed, and coming in late. Mortifying.

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