Bah HumbugHurrah, the Festering Season is now over for another year nine months or so.

In fairness, I haven’t been quite as virulently anti it a usual. Well, that’s not true – I have been, I just haven’t been so *volubly* anti it.

It’s still gone on way too long, with the perfume adverts starting back in mid-September, and all the bullshit about Christmas ads and so on since mid-November.

But this time round it just hasn’t felt like it’s even worth complaining about, it’s just been one of those things.

Ah well, fun and games.

One Comment on “Festerous”

  1. Blue Witch says:


    But hope you had an enjoyable day, whatever you did, anyway.

    I think that I am now fully vaccinated/desensitized to the FOTCR™. It’s been good to see others I know following my lead in not getting into debt or stressed by it.

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