Today, the car got its annual service, and also passed its MoT for this year. All told, a much better process than last year – and, of course, a lot cheaper!

I did take it back to the same dealership to get things done, and they’re still as shambolic as ever, insisting on filling every slot in the workshop, rather than leaving anything free for people who need work (for example, if the car had failed the MoT today, they’d have had to book me in for work to be done, rather than having availability on the day)  It’s a farcical situation – and similar to the bullshit system my GP is currently operating – and takes no account of things failing, or accidents happening.  Deeply annoying, to say the least.

The thing is, despite me raising it every time I deal with them, they just don’t seem to understand that the servicing side of the business is just as much of a sales tool as any of the people on the shop floor (most of whom seem to spend their days just farting around, but that’s beside the point)  The company – in this case, Kia – make a huge thing of their reliability, of their seven-year guarantee (so long as people follow the service routine, of course) which is great. But when I’m faced with a constant “Oh no, we can’t do [the work] on [that date], you’ll have to book something else” attitude, why on Earth would I buy a car that ties me in to that even more?

It’s something that would be so simple to fix – and something I’ve been told that they’ll try, but I’ve been being told that for three years now – but there just seems to be no real inclination to do it.

Still, my little car is doing OK, and as and when it does die, I just won’t get another Kia. Their loss long-term, not mine.

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  1. Blue Witch says:

    GPs… don’t start me on that one… utter, utter lazy bastards right now (and I know a newly qualified GP who cannot believe what he has unfortunately stumbled into). Should have their medical licences taken away and salaries cut for their lack of care/willingness to do home visits or face to face appointments. Maybe there are good ones out there, but I know of absolutely no-one who currently has one. No wonder A&Es/Urgent Care/paramedics are so busy.

    MOT and service for £100… collected and delivered back, move to the NE 🙂 Car going better than it ever has, and he’s given me his personal mobile for day or night problems. Gotta love old-boy owner-mechanics in remote rural garages who love their cars rather than their profits. Oh, and, he’s lending us a trailer FOC to move Mi1dred north 🙂 I do wondr what we will do when he is no longer with us, mind… a dying breed, for sure.

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