Driving Change

Yesterday, while travelling to and from my on-site visit, the car started making Noises Of Imminent Doom.  Nothing super-evident immediately, but a vibration I could feel through the pedals, and power that was starting to “blip” – not quite to the level of stalling, but… it felt like that was on the way.

So I got home fine, and had spent the time figuring out What’s Next.

Bearing in mind that it’s on just over 220,000, I reckon the turbo is on its way out. I got this one in September 2018, and that was at a mileage of 115,000, so yeah, it’s about on-schedule.And while it was worth doing on a car with that mileage, I don’t think the same is true when we’re heading towards double that.

So today I spent time sorting stuff out – and as a result, I’ve got a new (to me) car arriving on Monday. Unexpectedly, it’s another Kia, but this time it’s an Optima, in Silver.  Not my favourite colour to drive (it disappears in rain/mist etc.) but again, meh, it’ll do.

It’s an automatic (which is what I’d intended to get) and fully ULEZ compliant – my current one isn’t – and that’s much more relevant with the recent expansion of the London ULEZ, as well the growing prevalence of them in other places I visit. Most importantly, despite being a 2016 plate, it’s got less than 30,000 on the clock – and while I paid more for it than I’d hoped/expected to, it still came in under budget at £10K.  Hopefully it’ll last a good while – although I suspect it’ll initially be a shock for a car used to four or five thousand miles a year to suddenly be doing my kind of miles and journeys.

As it is, it comes with a seven-day returns period if it’s horrible, a three month warranty from the garage (including RAC cover) which is about standard. I’ve also paid for it on a credit card, so Section 75 can cover things if it turns out to be a problem past that.

And once I’ve got it, the old car is going off to “We Buy Any Car” – I don’t expect much for it, but it’s better than paying out for scrappage or whatever!

So everything’s in place, and now I just need to hope it all works out. Time will tell, obviously.

2 Comments on “Driving Change”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    220K out of a car is amazing.
    So is 105K in 5 years, 2 of which were in Covid times!

    Where did you source new car from? 7 day returns, and able to pay for it on a credit card (hope it was a cashback one on that amount!) sounds excellent.

    Don’t forget old car has nearly 12 months MOT when it comes to getting rid!!!

  2. Lyle says:

    Yeah, it’s fair to say I’ve not been disappointed.

    As for 105K in 5 years, put it this way – I’ve covered nearly 1,000 miles in the last seven days…

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