Over the last three weeks, I’ve been unwell – nothing major, “just” a seriously heavy cold, but it’s absolutely knocked me for six.

I say “heavy cold”, because despite symptoms including about 60% of the current “Is it Covid?” guidelines, it never showed up as Covid on an LFT test. Not even the thinnest of thin blue lines.  But it’s *felt* like Covid, and as a result I kept myself out the way of everything for two weeks.

It all started with a sore throat (almost like the feel of tonsilitis) , temperature changes (feeling both too hot and too cold) and head cold – the combination of which meant I felt awful and didn’t actually sleep for three days.  That lead on to some deeply weird and unpleasant sleep-deprivation side-effects, and a feeling of deep oddness.

Once I did finally get some sleep, the dreams were strange and uncomfortable. I won’t detail them here (because telling people about dreams is deeply effing dull) but they’ve added to the ongoing sense of slight disconnection with things. I know it’ll settle down again, but *wow*, it’s been odd.

For some reason it’s also altered some core things – appetite has changed, body clock is buggered, an ongoing awareness of exhaustion, and even a change in the amount of Coke Zero I’m drinking.

I’m pretty much through it all now – albeit still occasionally coughing up chunks of Finest Green™ – but it’s definitely been No Fun.

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  1. Blue Witch says:

    Now, knowing rather too much about post-viral issues, might I just offer a thought?

    Please take it easy until you feel really properly better (and not just 90%) and don’t resume your normal 110mph schedule too quickly.

    It doesn’t matter whether or not it was Covid, it was clearly a virus and the long-term side-effects are all potentially dangerous long-term.

    Been there done that and never properly recovered. If you want to feel that level of exhaustion forever after almost no exertion, feel free to ignore me 😉

    But hope you are feeling better soon.

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