Hail, Ceasar

I love this – the multi-billion dollar Space Shuttle, whose next launch has been delayed because of a hailstorm.
In fairness, golfball-sized hail is fairly impressive, and 7000 dents/impacts isn’t to be shrugged off either, but all the same, Hail halts Shuttle. Bloody marvellous.


Of course, the issue with being out of the office all day yesterday is that there’s a bundle of stuff to get done.

So it’s taken me two hours to catch up on everything from yesterday.

Mind you to most of the people here, the bundle of work that was waiting for me would’ve taken three days to eliminate…

Pissing Down

It looks like I actually got home just in time. Since getting back, it’s been pissing down, and we’ve now had thunder and so on too.

Which means that Hound is fairly stressed, and is currently laying on my feet, so I can’t go anywhere. All very domestic, but not great when you really need a piss…

The Meeting

Well, that all seemed pretty interesting.

I’ve got to knock up a little document about the costs and necessary work, as well as some other odds and sods, which they want by the end of the week. Hardly a challenge.

I should know next week whether I’ve got the work, though. All a bit promising, really.


You know how belly-button fluff is always that manky dark blue colour?

Is it just me that finds that the gunge that builds up on the back of the nose-piece bits on glasses is always green?


Last week, I got a call (yes, another one) from my ex-employer, the one I left back in September.

It’s quite amusing really, as they’ve obviously now realised who was doing the work on creating and maintaining the various websites and web applications they were talking about, planning, and in fact basing a large chunk of their business on. Why is it obvious?

Because they keep calling me for technical advice, and have now asked me to do another site for them.

So I’m in London this morning, meeting them, finding out what they want, what timescale they’re talking about, and just how much they’re prepared to pay…

Disk Space

Now that’s what I call storage

1TByte (for the non-geeky, that’s 1,000 Mb Gb (feck)) for about £300. Not bad at all. Hell, it might even hold all my MP3s if I decided to get efficient and rip every single one of my CDs to it…