Job Change?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve got three interviews tomorrow.

All very odd, and also very unexpected – it’s all been done via an agency, who have just suddenly exploded with work.

It’s bizarre in some ways, because with two of those interviews I have absolutely no background information – I don’t know what they’re looking for, what their plan is, what the salary is, or – really – anything. Very strange. It’s all a bit on-spec, and so I’m just seeing what happens with them.

Am I strenuously looking for something new? No, not really. The current place has said that they want me to stay here ’til at least July, and that makes life a lot easier – well, on the financial side, anyway. But they’re utterly abysmal at sorting out the paperwork, and haven’t yet got round to confirming officially that I’m here past the end of April – so far it’s all verbal.

So in the meantime, yeah, I’m sounding out a couple of places to see what’s on offer. It just makes sense for me to do so – particularly with the mortgage and house purchase completion due to happen this week.

And I’ll know more by the end of tomorrow, and if nothing’s looking promising then I’ll stick with the current place for another couple of months.

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