Well suited

A couple of months ago, I decided to get myself a new suit. Herself and I had talked about it before the Festering Season, and I just decided it was time to get things sorted.

No ordinary suit, though – this time it was going to be a proper bespoke three-piece suit. Serious stuff. And emphatically not cheap, either. (The other reason for doing it then/now was because I knew I could afford it, and better to do it then rather than once we’re paying off the mortgage!)

Anyway, today I’ll be collecting it. I had a final fitting last week, where I could see the pretty-much finished result that just needed fine tuning – and it’s beautiful

Even better, it’s arriving just in time for a manic day tomorrow, when I’ve got three interviews…

3 Comments on “Well suited”

  1. Gordon says:

    3 interviews?

    From a ‘hiring’ point of view, don’t you ever worry that you change jobs so much??? Even as a contractor you do seem to chop and change..

  2. Lyle says:

    On the contracting side, no, I don’t worry about it at all. My job change rate averages out at about 1 a year – I changed jobs once in ’06, once in ’05 (well, I started one new job on 2/1/05, then changed, so technically 2, but hey ho), not at all in ’04, once in ’03, and once in ’02.

    From a ‘hiring’ POV, equally, no, I don’t really worry. My mindset doesn’t sit with long-term jobs all that well – I think the longest-running job I’ve had at all ran to two years all told, maybe 2.5.

    Maybe as I get older I’ll settle down, or (more likely) work towards what I really want, and work properly for myself doing a number of things.

    I dunno, I’ll figure it out in the end – but for now, no, I don’t really worry about it at all. So far the changes haven’t done me any harm. Maybe one day…

  3. Skytower says:

    If I’d have known you were considering buying a tailor-made suit, I could have recommended some colours…!

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