One of the addictions I do have with the iPhone at the moment is the Scrabble┬« App. It’s not perfect – it cheats, and uses some really dodgy Americanised (sorry, Americanized) words which drive me barmy. But it’s fun, and I’m playing it way too much.

Today though I had a small dollop of success – allbeit in a silly and sweary way.

Cunt in Scrabble

Yep, I got to swear properly in Scrabble. Aces.

Yes, the word ‘cunt’ in scrabble. And it was allowed! (Scored OK too…)

The full board here…

Can you tell what it is yet?

6 Comments on “Scrabble”

  1. Matt says:


    You have an iPhone, you like Scrabble, and you haven’t downloaded Words With Friends (iTunes link)?

    You really should, you know.

  2. lyle says:

    Apparently so, according to Scrabble. I wouldn’t have thought it was either – but hey, I just plays it.

  3. Skytower says:

    Not just Americanised words… some good old fashioned northern vocabulary there too. How else would you explain “ee”?!

    Ee bah gum, I’ll put mi whippets away…

  4. Ian says:

    As Matt has already said, Words with Friends is highly recommended. Play with friends or strangers at your own pace. One of my most played games – always 3 or 4 games on the go at the same time. If you download it and fancy a game my username is shweepa.

  5. Nkv says:

    Oh do start playing words with friends….pleeeease! I have just started but want more people to play with. No restrictions on your filthy mouth either ­čÖé

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