Critical Reading

As has been observed many times over the years, I can be a really picky/pedantic bastard – particularly when it comes to spelling, punctuation, and literacy in general. And it’s true, I am all of those things.

Today I’ve been proof-reading a menu for the work Christmas Do  (of which more at some other point) – and with some of the errors, had to check the original menu.

So – would you still go to a place whose menu has spelling errors?  I realise that the typing and publication of the menu won’t have come direct from the chef, and will have been farmed out to someone on reception (or similar) – but really, if chefs / owners are so obsessed about control, wouldn’t that also extend to the menu, and how it represents the establishment ?

In this case, some of the spelling errors are pretty basic – Mascarpone , for example, is mis-spelled. In others, it’s the actual cooking techniques themselves, such as “Ballantine” instead of “Ballotine”. And I just find that a bit worrying – for if there’s that lack of attention to details in the menu, I can’t help but think there might be the same lack of attention when it comes to the food.

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  1. Blue Witch says:

    Chefs are known for their low literacy levels. Totally different skill set needed. Many youngsters designated ‘SEN’ in school later find their niche in a kitchen. Some given this suggested direction by a certain BW it has to be said…

    Reception staff are probably on minimum wage, so the academic skill level is likely to be low.

    Are you sure that ‘Ballantine’ isn’t ‘in whisky’?

    And you’re not going to a work FOTCR do, surely? 😉

  2. lyle says:

    I know, re chefs – although when it comes to head chefs, you kind of expect/hope for a bit more. And ditto for reception.

    I’ve worked with plenty in both situations. But also you’d hope (well I would) that there’s someone above reception etc. who’s overseeing these processes when it comes to representing the business to potential customers.

    Ballotine is definitely the cooking method – I checked. 🙂

    And no, I’m not. But that doesn’t mean I’m not proof-reading the sodding invitations.

  3. lyle says:

    And I’m not even mentioning the “Orange Mouse” dessert…

  4. Blue Witch says:

    Yeah, I know, I can’t turn off that gene either…

  5. Blue Witch says:

    At least it’s not ‘orange mouse desert’.

  6. Sarah says:

    Orange Mouse – brilliant. If I saw that I would order it, and then complain when the dessert which came out wasn’t as described.

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