All in One – or Not

Currently, Persil have some adverts running on TV about their new “All in One” washing capsules. (There’s no youtube version of it so far that I could find.)

Except, if you read the “terms and conditions” text (also known as “the bit where we need to be a bit more honest”)…

“Capsules do not contain fabric softener”

So – not really ‘All in One” at all then?

Lying fuckstick bastard advertisers.

2 Comments on “All in One – or Not”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    Who buys Persil?

    Ever since I had several garments ruined by one of their new formulations (20 years ago now, before there was much choice), I’ve avoided them like the plague. Garments developed small holes in the fabric, and, on examining the items I’d sent in (at their request) their ‘technologist’ claimed that it was nothing to do with their product. When the Persil Power story broke in the media, I wrote to them again, requesting that they now pay me compensation, but they claimed that as it was more than 6 months since we’d previously corresponded, they were not liable.

    They wouldn’t have got away with treating me like that these days, that’s for sure…

  2. lyle says:

    I don’t use Persil’s stuff either, but lots of people do.

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