Reducing The Impact

While – as per yesterday’s minorly ranty post – I’m not epically green, eco, and wanky about ‘saving the planet’, I do believe in lessening one’s impact where possible.

  • I’m not the kind of hand-wringing apologist wanker who’ll replace an existing working vehicle with an electric car, or a hybrid. I’d rather use my old one ’til it dies and needs to be scrapped/recycled.
  • I recycle what I can, but not obsessively for every separated bit of packaging. Some things just go in the bin. Life’s too fucking short.
  • I don’t chuck away loads of unused food, and all that.
  • The only reason I use more than one bin-bag a week is because of the cat’s litter tray.
  • I’m fucking shit at reducing my annual mileage – mainly due to commuting. Although those longer commutes do (allegedly) help maintain engine efficiency, so *shrug*
  • I *try* to use public transport when it’s reasonable/feasible. It’s just that for a lot of things, it’s neither reasonable to do so, nor feasible.
  • I don’t leave lights/TVs on etc when I’m not using them.

In short, I try to lessen my impact. I’m not perfect, but nor am I obsessively green.

All told, it seems to be a pretty sensible perspective, and generally pretty well balanced.

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