Staying Still

This coming weekend is my first one fully ‘at home’ in about three months. As such, I’m looking forward to it for downtime and some peace and quiet.

However, I feel almost guilty about staying home, and doing Not Much.

My brain keeps on saying “Oh, but you could do a day-trip to [x], [y] or [z]“.  And it’s right, I could. But I don’t really want to – except my brain doesn’t believe it.

It’s odd. One part of me wants to just have a down-weekend, a time of not doing a lot, and most emphatically not driving any significant distances. But the other part obviously does want me to do all of those things.

It’s a bit schizoid, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see which side wins out in the end. All very strange.

One Comment on “Staying Still”

  1. Z says:

    I try hard to take Saturday off, I think a six day working (whatever that entails, which is rarely money) week is enough and I need a day to do not a lot. I also refuse meetings on a Friday, so that I can catch up with stuff on that day. Good luck with the downtime.

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