Stasis – At Peace

While I was wandering around London last weekend, I had the time to do some thinking about the whole ‘not feeling the need to move on’ thing, which was much-needed.

There’s a lot of reasons for not feeling the need to move on at the moment, as I’ve written about already. I won’t bother with all those again, because this one is actually something else, something I hadn’t really looked into massively.

Basically, at the moment I’m really quite content with life and how it’s shaping up.

That has it’s good and bad aspects, for sure. Obviously it’s good that I’m content, that I’m at peace with things, and not yearning for change. It’s not something I’m massively familiar with, it’s all quite new, but I’m not going to complain.

On the downside, it also means I’m not feeling a huge level of urgency about things – certainly not for moving, but also with life in general. It’s kind-of all steady at the moment, which is fine for the time being. I don’t know that I want it to stay like that long-term though.

I am a lot less angry and irritable, though – and that’s primarily a good thing. I’ve noticed, looking back, how much D4D™ has changed over that time, looking back to when I started vs now. Life’s a lot calmer – but it’s also quite a lot duller.

Sure, people still piss me off. Life still pisses me off. But it seems (at the moment) to wash off again pretty quickly. I don’t feel the need to rant, to vent things out when I do get pissed off. (Well, not as much, anyway) But that also makes D4D™ less ranty, less annoyed, and somehow less amusing – both for me, and for anyone else still reading this rubbish.

It also goes some way to explaining (I realised) why I’m having problems getting going on some of the writing ideas. I’m not angry enough, not needing to vent out onto keyboard/paper. I need to find another way to do things, which may take time. We’ll see.

All told it’s a good thing, a sign of positive change – but it’s also going to have some knock-on effects, requiring some though and some further changes. That’ll take some time, and some sounding out of options. But it’s all good, and all entertaining.

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  1. Blue Witch says:


    But, for me it’s also about being far too aware of how much data is mined, even when writes quite anonymously.

    Many of the consumer hassles I have are very unique, and while I’d love to rant about them en blog, I know that there are (at least) two central databases of ‘problem customers’ (not ‘customers with problems’ who don’t give up on ensuring they get their legal rights). And I choose not to let companies gang up on me by putting it all together electronically.

    I don’t know how the existence of these databases haven’t been exposed by consumer media programmes – or how they can exist, but they do.

  2. Lyle says:

    I suspect a lot of that is more from data-mining the main comment websites, TripAdvisor, Amazon etc. – and the amazing willingness of most people to not use pseudonyms (or always use the same identifiers, including email etc.) that allow them to be correlated into ‘who’s a problem’.

    However, they do hit an issue when faced with a BW or a Lyle, where the details are pseudonuymous and not matched to an identified name etc.
    (On that subject, have you noticed the way Domain registrations now say “we must be able to validate this information”, in an effort to have that identity attached? ’tis interesting)

    As such, I doubt you or I would be on the lists in that context – although as you say, why bother giving them one reference point that could correlate with multiple companies/organisations/complaints?

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