Offering A Service

Every few days, I go past this office, and re-notice the window…

It’s a solicitor’s office, and I still can’t figure out whether they’re offering Abduction as a service to their clients (along with Domestic Violence!) or whether they actually mean they offer services based around Abduction and recovery of Abductees.

Either way, it always strikes me as an odd one to advertise – and even more so when it’s not clear what they’re actually doing.

2 Comments on “Offering A Service”

  1. Margo says:

    Services around abduction – presumably, with the other things listed, of children. (Typically by the non-resident parent)
    If its international, it’s unfortunately increasingly common, and putting provisions in place to protect against it is fairly specialised as it varies a lot depending on which country the child may be taken to.

  2. Lyle says:

    I’d figured that was what they *meant*

    But it’s not necessarily what the sign *says* 🙂

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