The Joy of Tech

Yesterday, while doing a quick shop on the way to work, I suddenly realised I’d left my wallet at home. Bugger.

I was just about prepared to take everything back to its shelves/locations, when it occurred to me that actually I was still OK – I had my phone with me still. That meant I’d got the ability to make a contactless payment – and because I’d also added the details of my Monzo card/account to the phone, it meant I had everything I needed.

It’s pretty amazing, the way these things have now become so much more mainstream than they were ten years ago, or even five.  Since I got the Monzo card eighteen months ago (it’s the only one I have that also connects into my ApplePay account on the phone) I’ve stopped carrying cash except for specific occasions – for example, the car wash I use still only takes cash.

I still prefer to carry physical cards (hence usually having a wallet) but it was still interesting to realise that forgetting it is no longer the “Oh shit!” moment it used to be. (So long as I remember my phone, and that I can use it, anyway)

Ain’t progress grand?

3 Comments on “The Joy of Tech”

  1. Trying nipping across to the shop, knowing you’ve left your wallet but that you have your phone.

    You get milk and bread etc, and then realise you’ve left your phone at home too..

    But it’s ok because you always wear your Watch!

  2. Lyle says:

    Nerd. 😛

  3. Z says:

    In a local shop for local people, they trust you to pop back with the money next time you’re passing.

    having said that, the first time I visited Tim in a possibly getting together frame of mind, I left my bag at home and had no money. I had my phone but hadn’t got Apple Pay set up. And we’d arranged to take my sister out for lunch a couple of days later. It wasn’t a test, but he passed it anyway!

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