Chucking Out

I really don’t like waste – but sometimes it still happens.

Over the Christmas/New Year limbo, I spent some time clearing out stuff, as it needed doing. On this occasion, that included clearing out the kitchen cupboard under the sink, and that’s where the waste kicked in.  Various packs of crisps and the like, and they were all out of date (like, well, well out of date) and some part-bake bread rolls that had collapsed and compressed into horrific lumps of nope.

In the great scheme of things, it wasn’t actually a lot of value – maybe £30 all told – but it’s still annoying to throw it out. (Not that there was really anything else I could do with them)

It has, however, shown me the things I think I want to have as snacks and then don’t get round to actually eating, which helps in reinforcing (in my own head) why I won’t buy them again.  So I suppose that at least this is a lesson that will work for longer term better effect.

Still makes me grouchy, though.

3 Comments on “Chucking Out”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    If only you had some hens still… cook almost anything past its date well and they will eat it.

    I’m currently trying to decide if it is ‘worse’ to put similar stuff in the bin at Coven Sud or transport it up north, cook it and feed it to the hens at Coven Nord.

    I just can’t waste food.

  2. Lyle says:

    I don’t like doing it either – although said crisps etc. were really only on the verge of being classed as food anyway. 🙂

  3. Lyle says:

    Oh yeah, and having hens at the moment would require two things…

    1 ) A garden of some sort, rather than a yard
    2 ) Me to actually like eating eggs… 🙂

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