Over the last couple of years, both of my neighbours in our little terrace/block have updated their front doors to modern composite doors, with better security and so on.  That’s left mine in the middle looking like the easiest target of the three, which is never something I’m entirely happy about.  (The other two properties in the block also have the same older front doors, but mine being between two new ones made it feel like that weakest option)

I’ve always worked with the ethos that you don’t bother making your house the safest/strongest on the street (because that just makes people think you’ve got stuff worth stealing) but you do make it harder to get into than those of your neighbours.  It can be a bit of an “arms race” scenario, and it can be a bit selfish (“I’m OK, others can sod off”) but it’s still not a bad structure to live by.

I talked about this a while back with my landlord, and he agreed that it would be a good idea to upgrade it – particularly as it’ll also be *way* more insulated and energy-efficient (which is a consideration for rented properties now, they need to pass a certain grade of energy efficiency) which makes it A Good Plan.

So – after several mis-fires of companies measuring up, assuring they could do it, and then pulling out –  the new door went in yesterday. It was a fairly big job (most of a day to do) and I’m glad that it turned out to be on a day when the temperature was actually quite reasonable (for February) so it all went OK.

Already the differences are noticeable. It’s a lot quieter (better insulation, no gaps etc.) and noticeably warmer.  Definitely A Good Thing.

Now I just need to get my replacement fridge (that’s a story for a different time) delivered tomorrow and sorted, and hopefully things will then run smoothly for a while again.

2 Comments on “Refronted”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    I always thought composite doors were very strong, until Mr BW put a cat flap in an inherited one. Jigsaw + composite door = door cuts like butter. It was like baked insulation foam inside. I was shocked!

    At least your landlord sounds as if he cares about maintaining/improving things? Or was it all about getting the necessary energy efficiency rating?

  2. Lyle says:

    Yeah, I don’t know about the composition of this one, but the locking mechanism is infinitely better. I can’t defend against someone with a jigsaw etc., but I can against someone trying to just shove the door through.

    As for my landlord, I’m very lucky, and he’s been good about maintaining/repairing things – he knows I don’t take the piss, and don’t damage things, so we have a decent interaction. The efficiency rating is important for re-renting etc., but he could see straight away that the old door between two new ones wasn’t a good look.

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