Finally Finished

*Ages* ago (well before I moved) I bought a load of laundry pods because they were on a very good offer. (Reduced price and increased loyalty/rewards points, I think – might’ve been a multipack deal in there too)  I might even have taken advantage of that offer twice – although that was mainly through forgetting I’d done it once already. Regardless, I then didn’t get round to using them.

When I moved, I realised I still had them, so decided to use them up before going back to the methods I prefer (liquid/gel rather than pods or powder)  Somewhere along the line I also discovered I’d been using the pods incorrectly – turns out they’re supposed to go into the washing machine *first*, then the laundry on top , whereas I’d been using them in the same way as the liquid/gel methods.  Live and learn, and all that.

Anyway, this is all a roundabout way of acknowledging that I’ve finally – *finally!* – just used the last of those sodding pods.

The next couple of laundry loads will be a comparison exercise – do I really notice the difference?

But for now I can’t deny, I’m just happy to be at the end of the pods.

2 Comments on “Finally Finished”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    Are you finding the liquid you prefer? Pods seem to be forced on us in detergent shelf-overwhelming numbers, to the exclusion of almost all other formats.

    Like you, I’m not happy about it. You can’t do prewashes with pods.

  2. Lyle says:

    In general, I’ve just gone back to Bold Gel. I think it’s probably too scenty for your liking, but in general I like it.

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