Excessive Sportitude

At the moment, things on TV seem to have gone sports-mad, and as someone that’s not into any of it, it’s *really* tedious.

Obviously there’s the Euro kickyball tournament, which appears to have been at least two matches every day for the last couple of weeks, with still another fortnight-ish to go (although the frequency of matches drops once the initial stages are done with)

Last week there was [a tennis tournament] that took over another channel – and this week there’s [a different one], followed next week by Fucking Wimbledon (to use its full title)

As if that weren’t enough, last week also involved televised coverage of horse-racing, for some fuckforsaken reason.  I assume that’s just in case people felt there wasn’t enough sport on.

And the weekends seem to be full of bloody Grand Prix excitement tedium.

Then we’ve still got the Olympic and Paralympic Games to come (although at least they contain a wider range of things, some of which may even be watchable)

And of course then we’ll be back to the normal Kickyball schedule as well.

The only other alternative seems to be all the bullshit being spouted about the upcoming General Election. (Which would be far more interesting if we introduced Guillotines, in my opinion)

I’m sick and fucking tired of it all.

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