Reporting Potholes

One thing I’ve become a bit of an arse about over the last few months has been reporting potholes and road damage to the local council(s).

I’m not the only one doing it, I’m sure – but particularly with Bedfordshire it’s interesting to see the speed of response from when I’ve reported stuff to when it gets fixed.

I’m drawing the conclusion that it’s down to me because in some cases I’ve left the report for a month or more, with nothing happening. When I report it, it gets checked and fixed quite shortly afterwards.  Now sure, it could be that my report is the one that breaks the limit on reporting – but not every time, I’m sure.

I know that councils are reducing their road repairs as part of all this austerity and cost-saving bollocks, but it’s a false economy.  The costs/claims for damage are a big factor – and particularly claims are more likely to be paid up when the pothole has been reported (but not repaired) because that shows more of a disregard for maintenance.

I’m not interested in that side particularly. I am interested in getting decent road quality without dangerous potholes causing issues – both to myself and others.

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