To The Ombudsman!

As nPower have today announced that the average joint-fuel bill will be going up by over 10% from December 1st, I’ve decided that I’m now definitely going to take my complaint to the Energy Ombudsman, and cost the fuckers some money.

Jesus christ, a 10% increase. Do they think people are made of money? Fucking hell.

I wouldn’t mind so much if there were any decent alternatives to change over to. Sadly though, they’re all as shitty as each other.

2 Comments on “To The Ombudsman!”

  1. Blue Witch says:


    I don’t understand how the governmint is talking of restricting energy price rises though – given that our utilities are all denationalised, how can they do that?

    Mind you, energy prices in France are much higher, their wages are lower, and French corporates own a goodly proportion of our power companies/infrastructure, so there is worse to come I suspect.

    Time for solar panels methinks. Just wish I had some spare roof…

  2. lyle says:

    I’d consider solar panels if I lived in my own place. But with a rental one, well, not likely.

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