All Change (again)

Today is the last day of my current contract. It’s been a hectic (but pretty productive) month, and has given me some further pointers for where I want things to go in the longer-term for my own development projects and ideas.

In the meantime though, a change.

I’ve been offered a full-time permanent role with a tech company in Milton Keynes. It sits on a par with a lot of my longer-term ideas too, and should give me a decent grounding in some bits that have been missing from my recent CV. So it’s got its bonuses.

I have my reservations this time – about the company itself, rather than the work. The work doesn’t really concern me at all. The company does.

Since being put forward for the role, they’ve been – pushy, I think is the best way to describe it.

I did the phone interview on short notice – it’s fine, I’m used to that.

Then the interview request came through, for tomorrow. OK, I can move things around, arrange things for that to happen.  Then on the day they tell me “Oh, it’s likely to be two to three hours“.  Nice to be pre-warned, and lucky I hadn’t just said I’d do the interview in my lunch-hour…

That all went ok, and the offer was pretty much there. But they wanted to talk to me the next day, to have a final phone conversation. Again, it had to be Today. It had to be ASAP.  Pushy.

They know I’m working my ass off this week, closing the current contract. And still they’ve been pushing every damn day, “Have you done the paperwork” “Will you be starting“.

The paperwork didn’t even arrive ’til yesterday. I’ve said I want to read through the contract, make sure I know the deal and what’s on offer before I sign to start.  And I’m working. So I got the paperwork at 12, in the end. By 3pm they were calling again, “We want to confirm you’ll be starting on Monday“.

I’ll start with them. But if they keep up this kind of bullshit pushy “We’re important” attitude, they’ll be told to fuck off before very long at all.

So yeah, I’ve got some reservations. The pros (currently) outweigh the cons, but it’s not by much. We’ll see.

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