In a conversation the other day about driving – and motorway driving in particular – I was told I was too callous and calculating. I’m not sure this is true, but I’m interested…


So.  When I’m driving motorways, and even more so at night, I usually let someone else go in front who’s driving faster than I am, and let them be the testing point for whether there are any active speed cameras or unmarked police cars around.

My theory is that if [Other Driver] blats past a camera and it flashes (or a car that then turns out to have concealed flashing lights on/in it) then that’s their problem rather than mine. And it gives me time to slow down before getting to the camera myself.

I was told that’s callous and calculating. I think it makes sense.

Surely I’m not the only driver that does this?

2 Comments on “Bellwether”

  1. Gordon says:

    I do that too.

    But specifically only if someone comes racing up behind me, I’ll happily let them pull over for the reasons you mention.

    That said, I’m usually a little over the speed limit on some roads so not really sure I’m the best yardstick.

  2. lyle says:

    Yeah, I’m usually a bit over, although (particularly on motorways) within 5-10mph, so whatever I do isn’t likely to trigger cameras etc. anyway. Just interesting/interested in driving methods etc. following that conversation. 🙂

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