Too Much Thinking

Over the Festering Season, I watched (yet again) Die Hard.  I still like it as a film, even though it is barmy.

But something occurred to me this time that hadn’t before. And that’s this…

Hans Gruber’s plan is absolutely reliant on the FBI turning off the power for the Nakatomi Plaza, in order to get through the final lock.

The FBI are there only because John McClane has called the police, and everything has escalated from that point.


What would the plan have been, if the entire takedown of the Nakatomi Building had worked perfectly? No word out, no hostage situation, nothing – so the police and FBI would’ve known nothing at all.

How would that’ve worked, without that reliance on their plan being messed up, and a rogue operative like John McClane being able to call the police and inform them of the situation?


And yes, I know, I think about this kind of thing way too much. I can’t help myself.

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