An Expensive Week

As usual when things go quiet round here, it’s been a busy week – and an expensive one.  If this is the aftermath of holidays, I’m going to have reservations about taking them again.

While I was away, the Saab was (again) in the garage, getting a winter service, as well as checking out a couple of weird issues that only occur when it’s been standing for a couple of days (and thus are hard to get to happen once you’ve driven the sodding thing to the garage)  I’d hired a car to do the driving for the holiday, which was an expected expense.

On Tuesday, I dropped off the car at the hire company, collected the Saab from the garage, and drove into town to work for the rest of the day. All fine. When I drove it home afterwards though, the oil light came on, and the engine started sounding unwell. Bugger. With no back-up plan, it meant I had to sort out getting the car recovered back to the Saab garage, then collecting a new hire car, and doing it all in time to collect friends I was taking to a charity quiz night.  So, no pressure.

As it happened, it all worked out – the recovery wagon turned up earlier than expected, we got to the garage, and the car-hire guys met me there, to take me to the hire place, so I could collect the car and then collect everyone. Pretty stressful all round, and a lot of juggling and keeping people informed of what was happening, but it all came together.

By the end of it, we even came second on the quiz!

It’s made for an expensive post-holiday week though.  Paying for a new hire car, and whatever work the car needs etc. etc.  Oh, and then of course my Fitbit decided to fall apart as well – because why not, when everything else is doing the same?

Just one of those weeks.

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