Hectic (Again)

This last week has been (yet again) pretty hectic and chaotic.

Since Saturday’s half-marathon walk, I’ve been…

  • out for an Oktoberfest meal with friends on Saturday night
  • into London again on Sunday for a meal in the evening at Helene Darroze (with an added 5 miles of walking)
  • then cinema on Monday evening to see “The Accountant
  • into London on Tuesday evening to see “No Man’s Land” at Wyndham’s Theatre, starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen
  • cinema on Wednesday evening to see “Dr Strange

Today is slightly quieter, Friday I’m in Chesham, and then for the weekend I’m up in Manchester.

I must be bloody barmy.


4 Comments on “Hectic (Again)”

  1. Did you actually get to see Sir Patrick, or was the understudy still standing in?

  2. Lyle says:

    Got to see the man himself. 🙂

  3. And he was rested too!
    Totes jel, I went in the hiatus.

  4. Sarah Bayley says:

    Amusing, I read both your’s and Diamond Geezer’s blogs and wondered if you’d been to the theatre on the same night. Clearly not.

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