Reduced Insomnia

During the week in Cornwall, I slept better than I have in absolutely years – to the tune of about 2 hours more sleep per night. It’s the first time since I started recording my sleep times with the Fitbit that I’ve had more than four hours in a night – and it happened all week.

So, it looks like the possible cure (or at least improvement) in my insomnia is :

  • Move to Cornwall (or somewhere with equally remote areas)
  • Walk at least six miles a day
  • Sleep in a house miles from anywhere, in absolute pitch-black darkness and silence.

At the moment, none of that is massively feasible. But in the future, it may well be. I need to look at how things work, what I do and what I want to do, and how to get to where that kind of plan might be possible.

So, that’ll be fun.

2 Comments on “Reduced Insomnia”

  1. Gordon says:

    Have you tried earplugs (and black out curtains?). I use them occasionally and I’ve found a type that is super soft but effective enough.

    Add in some exercise (walk a little more than you do?) and you get close??

    Just a thought!

  2. Lyle says:

    Yeah, tried all those:

    • Earplugs make me more awake, the hyperaware part of my brain hates the artificial deprivation of noise, and makes me try to listen through the earplugs.
    • Blackout curtains are kinda the same thing – an awareness of an artificial deprivation of light, just makes me more aware of any light sources, and tries to find them.
    • Exercise. Well, I slept better last week despite walking less miles than I do in a usual week. I’m going to be trying out more exercise (walking, cycling etc., and maybe a return to gymmage) over the coming year anyway.
      I know I don’t sleep as well (even compared to the usual shite) when I’ve done a whacking big walk, but there’s usually been a notable amount of food involved too, so some of the bigger walks I’m planning won’t have food intervals, and we’ll see what works.

    Thanks for the thoughts though – it’s much appreciated, even if it sounds like I’m an ungrateful twat. 🙂

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