Already Scheduled

Because I’m still a lunatic (despite clearing some projects off the list and so on) I’ve also just been looking at what I’ve already got scheduled for this year – and as usual, some of it is daft.

There’s one week in February that’s looking particularly silly, as it already includes

And that is in just one week. *sigh*

Apart from that, most things are a bit more spaced out – but I’ve still got things in the list now until mid-November, what with plays, concerts, food festivals, and a walking marathon.

There’s just no hope for me, really. Daft to the core.

2 Comments on “Already Scheduled”

  1. Lyle says:

    Why what?

    Why am I daft? No clue – genetics, maybe.

    Why have I got all those things in one week? Because that’s how it’s worked out. It does sometimes. (At least once a year for me, I find, there’s a daft week)

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