Ten Years Back

This weekend there’s been a bit of a “ten years ago” meme going round social media, and while I won’t get involved (mainly because I don’t do photos of me, let alone photos of me from a decade ago) it did make me go back to the archives here and have a look at what was going on.  Which was quite interesting (to me, anyway)

Ten years ago, I was still with Herself, we were in the Norfolk house, and sleeping abysmally while also sick as chuff with a chest infection of sorts. So, some things never change. I was working in a local-government job I hated – and the post about that was exactly ten years ago today – and generally doing OK.

I did also find a post about my weight – and again, not much has changed. I’ve lost a bit of weight since then – which I’m happy with – but all told it’s really stayed pretty stable. (There’s another post back in Jan 2005 about the same thing, with similar figures to where I’m at now)

Of course, there have been a lot of changes in that ten years, but it’s also interesting to see what’s stayed much the same…

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  1. Blue Witch says:

    No matter what we try to do, or how we try to change, we are all creatures of habit deep down.

    I spend a lot of time with older people, and it’s interesting to hear them discussing their parent/partner/sibling/friend etc with developing dementia. Typically, “She’s reverted to just how she was as a youngster, and I thought we’d overcome all that nonsense!”

    Just shows, we might be able to keep our bad traits under control with time and experience, but they resurface when consciousness is overtaken by sub-consciousness.

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