Nearly Done

2014 has been another of those grim “Summer of Sport”s that piss me off.  But it’s nearly over, which is A Good Thing.

This year’s sport includes…

  • Winter Olympics
  • World Cup (Football)
  • Commonwealth Games
  • Wimbledon (as usual)
  • UK Grand Prix (as usual)
  • Tour de France (as usual) with UK start
  • Various cricket things
  • Various rugby things
  • Various cycling things
  • Other stuff I can’t recall right now.

The real genius is that a lot of it was all on the same weekend – Grand Prix, World Cup, Wimbledon and Tour de France start. Genius right there.

Still, we’re now at the point – now the World Cup’s finally bloody over – where it’s (I think) just the Commonwealth Games to go from the list of ‘main’ events.

And then of course we’ll just be back to the normal football instead. *sigh*


Too Hot for Football

I must admit, I really don’t understand the whole ‘it’ll be too hot’ kerfuffle going on about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

After all, you would imagine that FIFA were aware when they awarded the World Cup to Qatar that playing it in the Summer is likely to be – well – bloody hot.

But no, it seems to have come as a surprise to them that any countries would be a tad upset at this, and also at the ‘back-up plan’ of playing it in Winter rather than Summer. Because well, playing it in Winter means that the football seasons for many of the countries in question will be spectacularly disrupted for a couple of months.

I don’t get the thinking behind it – assuming there was any – although I have to also point out that I don’t much care one way or the other anyway.  It just seems pretty stupid to organise a sporting World Cup in the middle of summer in the Middle East. It’d be like awarding the Olympic Games to the region. But then, what would I know?