Phone Insurance – You couldn’t make this shit up

This morning, I got three letters from CPP, the muppets company dealing with the claim for my knackered iPhone.

All three are dated the same day – 27th June! Nearly two weeks to get sent out – and all ‘signed’ by the same person. Combined, they make for a brilliant record of how CPP handle things. Well, it’s hilarious if you’re not receiving them.

  • Letter 1 – “We need more information – proof of purchase, and a more detailed description of what happened”
  • Letter 2 – “We need a more detailed description of what happened” – guess this means they’ve received the proof of purchase ?
  • Letter 3 – “Claim denied”. So they’ve received a more detailed description? Or did the one in the initial phone call suddenly suffice?

And bear in mind, this is all two weeks ago – it’s already been appealed, and complained about.

I wonder what excuse they’ll use for these letters, and the fact it’s taken two weeks to receive them…

2 Comments on “Phone Insurance – You couldn’t make this shit up”

  1. Blue Witch says:

    The insurance ombudsman will love those 🙂

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