Not Always Sensible, Though

Of course, following on from the post about trying to be more sensible and have a bit of down-time, I was still busy all weekend…

As it was, the weekend consisted of

  • Braving Ikea on a weekend, for a present for a friend’s young child. (New range, cool stuff, needed to be done) In particular, this. Which is nicely warped, and amused me lots.
  • Driving across to Oxford to see a friend
  • Then going with her to a quiz-night thing
  • And getting back at well-past midnight, then also not getting to sleep ’til nearly two (get your minds out of the gutter, nothing like that!)
  • Driving back home on the Sunday
  • Generally geeking out and working on stuff

So fun, but not really restful, per se… 🙂

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