Taxi to the Kerb

When I got home last night, I was greeted by this exceptional piece of parking, that really did need to be credited.

Car needing a taxi to the kerb

Couldn’t be much further out

From another viewpoint…

Still half a mile from the kerb

And from another viewpoint

You really couldn’t make it up.


From the truly mighty You Park Like A Cunt (YPLAC) comes this absolute gem.

Nothing else needs be said

Reverse Parking

When visiting the local supermarket – I’m not going to specify, because this set of thoughts are location-independent, having seen the same thing at at least six places – I’m always bemused by a certain parking style.

No, this isn’t YPLAC (You Park Like A Cunt) – for once – but it’s something just as bizarre. And I’m going to phrase it as a question

If they’re going to a supermarket, and doing their weekly/monthly big shop, why the FUCK do these people reverse into parking spaces ? I always see at least one per visit where they’re then faced with real issues when it comes to putting that shopping into the boot of the car.

I just don’t understand the logic – or maybe the lack thereof – that goes into this. I do get that some people don’t like reversing out of a space, although I’ve no idea why. Personally, I think reversing in to a space is far more prone to being visited by the Fuck-Up Fairy, but there we go.  Still, personal choice, and all that shite.

But for loading shopping into a car, it seems like it just makes things so much harder when you’ve reversed into the space, rather than going in forwards, and leaving the boot of the car out in the open, so you can just lift’n’load.

People are, to be sure, weird.

Parking Tickets

I *so* want some of these…

You suck at parking

Mind you, I must admit I made a *right* balls of parking at Homebase over the weekend – really should’ve submitted myself to YPLAC.

You Park Like a Cunt

(via @thehacksaw – thanks!)

I know I’ve posted one or two ( *ahem* ) pictures in the past of people parking like titbags, but this site is just brilliant. Sterling work.

Another Tossbag

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Particularly when most of those words are swearies…

Cock in a Saxo

Parking Tosspot

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these…

As always, the hatch-markings appear to designate a parking space

AJ10WUP, you park like a fuckwit.