Going at Last

At last, 2009 is on its way out.

For us, it’s really not been a great year. There’s been a lot of hassle and crap along the way for both of us, and hopefully 2010 will be a lot better.

I’m not pinning all my hopes on it or anything – but there is some hope and some planning in place to make ’10 a better year than ’09.

Equally, I’m not going to witter on about it being “the end of the Noughties” or whatever. Partly because it’s not, but primarily just because it’s not relevant. It’s a new year, but it’s just another day.  As per the previous post, I need to put some work into making ’10 a better year, but in some cases (work, for example) it’s more about just staying in the same place, and letting some consistency/constancy stay there.

2009’s been chaotic and hard. I just want 2010 to be a bit easier, a bit more structured.

Ideas for 2010

Well it’s New Year’s Eve, so it’s time for me to have a few thoughts and ideas for 2010.

As always, there’s a number of ideas and plans coming together at the moment, but whether they’ll all come into fruition or not is something only time will tell. But for now this is the list of what’s in my head, and we’ll see what happens. I’m trying to keep it down to four or five categories, just to simplify things a bit.

  • Photography : I really want to make some progress on the photography side of things, work towards selling some bits if possible. I’ve got some contracted work to do for the charity I worked with a while back, and from there see what progresses.
  • Writing : Again, I want to get to the point of having some stuff actually done and finished. I planned to do this in ’09, but that hasn’t worked out. There’s a few bits that have been started, but I need to finish at least a couple of them and work that way.
  • Work : I’ve made the commitment to stay in the current job throughout 2010 – allbeit with the “unless everything turns to shit as a result” proviso – which will keep the bills being paid and me in general work. But I still want to get some of the outstanding projects and ideas into some version of reality.
  • Social Life : Over the last couple of years (really since moving to Norfolk) I’ve been utterly shit on the social side of things. So I plan to spend some time getting back in touch with friends around the place, and seeing them etc.
  • Money : For me, 2009 wasn’t a good year financially, and want to spend 2010 getting back into a place that I’m happy with. Currently I’m not happy with the situation for debt, and I want to get a significant dollop of all that paid off if at all possible.

And that’s it. There’ll be more detail over time, I’m sure – and there’s also stuff on the domestic side – but that’s the rough plan. It’ll do for now.

In The Office

So yes, I ended up working between Christmas and New Year. Mind you, that’s nothing new – I’m hard-pressed to think of the last time I was off between those days. I’m sure it’s happened, I just can’t remember when exactly.

The thing is, I actually quite like this time of year for getting work done. The roads are quiet (or indeed fucking empty) so it’s easy to do the journey. The office is quiet, as most people have opted for taking time off instead. I can get a bundle of outstanding stuff done, because there are comparatively few people hanging over me waiting for other stuff to get fixed, or urgent “Oh shit!” problems coming up.

I don’t mind this time of year in general, actually. It’s the winding-down time, and the time to start preparing for whatever the hell’s coming up in the next year. Taking stock, making plans, all that shit.

So I don’t mind being in. I’ve got stuff done, stuff fixed, and got some ideas and thoughts for 2010. And that makes me happy.

Not An Emergency

As always, I despair of people’s idiocy when it comes to calling 999. (And regular posts and Twitters from Reynolds reinforce this too)

In this case, a woman calling 999 because her cat has been playing with string for two hours. I have no idea whatsoever what makes this an emergency in anyone’s mind (or what passes for a mind in this case) but I do think that anyone who thinks it’s an emergency deserve a punishment served up by a stun-gun.

Back to Work

It appears that I’m one of the few people to have gone back to work today.

The roads this morning were just about empty – although I still ended up in a four-car parade following some cunt driving at 25mph along a 60mph road, because no-one ahead of me was prepared to overtake, and the gutless piece of crap I’m currently in courtesy of Enterprise is a sack of shit that would’ve taken six years of road to get past safely.

I don’t mind, to be honest – it makes for an easy drive, and while there are other people in the office, it’s quiet enough that I can get a bundle of stuff done. Works for me, anyway.

Christmas Done, Easter Coming

Seen on TwitPic via Twitter

Yet again, you can tell that the Festering Season is over and done with, the fucking Easter Eggs are in the shops!

Easter Eggs on the shelves at Tesco

Tesco, you utter utter bastards.

All Done

Yep, that’s Christmas over and done with for another year.

Well, another nine months, ’til it all starts coming in to the shops again.