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Anniversally Regular

Yesterday it occurred to me that this week has actually had quite a lot go on with it over the years.

Among other things…

  • On the 9th August 2002, D4D™ came into being
  • On the 9th August 2012, I declared myself bankrupt
  • On the 11th August 2003 I passed my driving test (at long last)

There’s been other stuff too over the years, but it is a bit odd to have even those three semi-major events all in one week…

Nine Years

It’s now nine years since I (finally) passed my driving test. Nine. Years.

I dread to even imagine how many miles I’ve covered in that time – it’s well over the 250,000 mark for sure, which is pretty hefty for a non-professional driver. And from that, I’ve had – and yes, I’m touching every wooden item in my presence right now – no points, no speeding tickets, no ‘speed awareness’ courses (for which I’ve always said I’d say “Yes, I’m aware I was driving at 90. Do I pass?”, but I digress)

I’ve had one accident – back in December 2009 – and killed two deer in that time.

I’ve been breathalysed twice – once just after that accident, and once two weeks later, for the well known suspicious occurrence of “driving a hire car at exactly 70mph down a dual-carriageway at 5pm on New Years’ Eve”. In both cases, blowing an absolute zero. Unsurprisingly in both cases, having not had a drink in months beforehand…

All things considered, I reckon that’s a pretty good track record. Long may it last.


Since the bankruptcy – and to a slightly lesser degree beforehand – I’ve noticed that I have a tendency to stockpile things a little bit.  Nothing hoarder-esque or anything, but just as a backup, a “just in case”.

I’ve noticed that I now tend to have that backup as being roughly a month’s worth of whatever.

For example,

  • I could get by for a month on the food I have in cupboards, freezer etc. without needing to shop.
  • I could manage on savings (already) for a month or so if jobs were to go tits-up.  That’s bills and the domestic stuff – petrol would be slightly more of an issue, but only slightly.

It’s not an obsession, or even obsessive behaviour – it’s an awareness of what can happen, and protecting against it.

Just an odd thing I’ve noticed myself doing more.

Interesting Start

On the way to work this morning, I was confronted by road closures and the after-effects of this crash.

Fairly serious – and the damage all looked pretty grim – so I hope all are OK in it.

[Update : As it turns out, they weren't. One fatal (a motorcyclist)]


In today’s news, there’s (yet another) ceasefire in Gaza.

I’m neither pro-Palestine or pro-Israeli – personally, I think the entire thing is insane.

But what really gets me is the inequality of the body count.  From the article…

Gaza officials say the four-week conflict has killed 1,800 Palestinians. Some 67 Israelis have also died.

That’s just over 26 Gazans killed for every Israeli killed. And that’s disgraceful.

I seem to recall that at the start of this, the Gazans had killed one – yes, one – Israeli, for something like 200 Gazans. And I just can’t see that having one dead person is an excuse to go and re-invade a country and effectively declare war.


This weekend just gone, I was planning to go to Feast in London, but events conspired against me.

I was going to go on Friday, but didn’t even get out of work ’til gone 8pm. It would’ve been at least 9 by the time I got there (by which time I could also have been home), another hour to get back to wherever I’d left the car, and then an hour to get home. And frankly, I was knackered anyway.   So no.

Saturday was never going to happen – I was seeing parents during the day, and getting domestic sluttery out of the way in the afternoon/evening.

Sunday was a maybe. And turned into a no. Work stuff rose up to bite me, along with a general disinclination to travel back into London on a day when I didn’t need to make the journey.

And so I missed it.  I think if I’d been really enthused I’d have made the time/effort to go (as I will with Meatopia at the same place in a month’s time) but everything else just made me think “Blah”.

Of course if I’d booked it in to go with anyone else, things would’ve been different. But I hadn’t, so they weren’t.

And that’s that. I’ll try to go to the next one instead.

Perfect Timing

On a totally different note, why is it that batteries in smoke alarms and CO2 detectors *always* need replacing at 4am?

Bastard bloody things.

Still, at least I now know – not that I had any doubt, and I certainly didn’t need any proof – that I can’t sleep through a CO2 alarm.

(And of course yes, I can now – because I pulled the dead/dying batteries out of the fucking thing)

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